Monday, March 18, 2013

Manic Monday

Wow, way behind on things as usual it seems.  Again, in a few weeks I will be able to explain a bit more in detail why things have seemed upheaved for a bit.  For now, here's a small bit that will keep us busy this week.

  • Bojan's amputation surgery is tentatively for July 30th
  • making reservations for camping trips for this coming year
  • redoing a few reservations b/c must change # coming
  • Irina is searching for a job still but has been babysitting quite a bit
  • Yana is helping to coach Summer's soccer team
  • 5 of the kids are in soccer now
  • This is the last week of homeschool academy that the kids attend
  • Need to get my final science experiment ready
  • Girls' new room is getting completed
  • Insulation folks finally showed and will be back some time this week
  • Girls need a few things for their new room
  • Irina and I hit a few yardsales this past weekend and scored big!
  • Going through all the kids shoes to see what fits and what doesn't
  • Furious with Logan for practicing knots...with shoelaces!!!  He cut them....ALL
  • Need to go grocery shopping
  • Digby is feeling better, you can tell
  • Dogs need a bath
  • I'm about ready to strip the boys' room and sell everything.  At this point, I don't even see how they know there's a floor under there.  Ridiculous.
  • I am swimming in paper work
  • Working on the Civil War w/ the homeschoolers
  • Been blessed quite a bit over the last few weeks w/ various happenings and deliveries that came our way
  • House guests doing great
  • Spring break fast approaching
  • Owe many people emails
  • May go to a small get together in April w/ some friends
  • Still loving Big Bird.  Van is great.
  • Waiting for tax refund
  • Waiting for PPR refund
  • Waiting for insurance refund
  • If I ever get these refunds, I may go shopping.  LOL
  • Insulation cost way more than first told or expected
  • Went to an rv show and forgot the stroller.  Live and learn.
  • Kids are whining about the cupboards being empty.  I told them we're slowly switching over to just fresh fruit and veggies and snacks occassionally.  Umm, yes, hitting much resistance.  BTW, fridge is filled w/ veggies to cut up.  They just don't want to. 
  • Need to send out Camp Cheerio registration
  • Got a great Sam's Club membership offer on Living Social as ours just had run out.
  • Nik needs new implant batteries (waiting for the refund)
  • Still working on getting an Etsy shop for Max to sell prints
  • Ready for spring
  • Thinking of our garden that we'll be doing this year
  • Spring cleaned the house this past weekend.  Nothing to show for it.  
  • Busy week ahead but finally feel at peace w/ all the crazy thrown in there.
Much more happening at Chaos Manor.  One day, I'll have time to write about it all.  Hope you all enjoy your week as well.  

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  1. A thought occurred to me. Have you thought about nursing home jobs for Irina?