Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making room

Sometimes when you adopt, you must make a little more room in your home.  Just a fact.  No one really moves into a home thinking well, I have 2 kids now, I may have 10, 12 or how ever many later.  No one thinks this way.  Fortunately, when we moved into this home years ago, our realtor saw what was happening and may have even been psychic.  LOL.  The house was totally unfinished upstairs.  1000 sq. ft. of unfinished space and places around the home to add on to as well.  That 1000 sq. ft. got finished when we added Bojan.  The dining hall add on/ kitchen remodel got done w/ Alyona and Nik coming to our family.   And the new room that was once the garage has been thought about for quite some time.  Only recently with a few house guests have we decided it must be done.

This is when they were starting.  Framing up the floor.

bye-bye garage.

And this is what happens when you remodel, clean out a garage.  To the dump it went and then some.  

Someone VERY excited this will be her new room.  And no, we did not choose the purple.  Love the color we chose and can't wait to show you all.  In the back there is the framing up of the garage door.  This was a very tall garage and we now have a lot of storage underneath as well which is huge.

While doing a major room remodel, why not tackle the bathroom.  It has now been painted the green, new shower curtain and new sink faucet as well.  I will take an after picture at some point.  This is the downstairs girls' bathroom.

Max replacing the lightbulbs till we can get a ceiling fan put in.  Summer and the neighbor were checking out the new space.

Those are the closets in the back.  Since closet doors would be roughly $500 now, we are leaving them open and using curtains to cover.  I'm sure I can find something cool on Pinterest to do anyhow.

A view of the windows.  That is the front of our house.

This is the flooring that will go down.  It is peel and stick hardwood tile.  Pretty cool looking.  Everyone comments on how our tile looks in the kitchen and how expensive that must have been.  Umm, nope.  Peel and stick and anyone can do it.  And, if it gets ruined, replace it for... 98 cents!  For us, a no brainer.  We priced carpet and just couldn't bring ourselves to do it knowing they'd spill nail polish or juice on it hte first week in.  

Today, Yana painted most of the room.  Wait till you see it!  This I think will be perfect for them.  Really will.  I'll have more pics as the week goes on.  This is the start.  Tomorrow, we will be done painting.  Flooring is going down this week.  Girls will have to delay moving in till Friday.  Was hoping it would have happened but sometimes, things happen.  You don't want to rush this and have it not turn out.  More to come. 

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