Friday, March 8, 2013

Happenings around here

I know I've been MIA for about a week.  Nothing is wrong.  It has honest to goodness just been very, very busy around here.  Lots happening all at once and something has to take a backseat.  So, blog, it was.  I'll hopefully catch up on some things this weekend.  I will explain a bit of what is happening around here.

The girls are getting a new room.  We have had to clean a massively messy garage out to the bare walls.  Upon that, discovered walls were never insulated. URGHH!!  So, contractors calling insulation company to see what kind of deal we can get.  Waiting to hear on that one.  Contractors are great.  They are delivering supplies tomorrow and bringing a bunch of guys over to finish in one day.  Phew!  Then, one of them is going to come out on his own and work with Max to install the carpet.  The rest of us will paint it probably next week.

The yard looks awful.  It's bad.  It is not an exaggeration.  Everything had to be moved from garage to shed and sorted.  We have yet another pile of trash to haul off.  Got rid of the hot tub finally.  Hoping we can get the yard half way decent this weekend.

We've had major problems w/ a few banking issues.  We bought a new van.  Well, bank still autodrafted for the van we didn't have.  Fine.  That's fixed.  Today, got a bill.  It costs us roughly a little over $2300 for 1 checkup visit to the dentist for 10 of the kids.  Thankfully, we have dental insurance.  However, dentist still has our old dental insurance info and filed as such.  Fixed that today...hopefully.  Shed folks sent us a nastygram saying we didn't pay them in February.  I called w/ payment info, bank transaction #, and date in February.  I was a little taken back by the lack of apologetic nature in the call being that it was NOT my fault and the payment was indeed made on time.  Fixed that one.  I still have to fix the pharmacy issue of them charging Warren full price for meds awhile back.  I believe he was in too much pain to realize the mistake.  I also need to file the vision claims to get that money back as well.  So, lots of money handling this week for sure.

Sent the PPR in and waiting for money back from that.  We have many things coming due or needing fixing.  Called our accountant and waiting on what we'll be getting back this year.  We'll be using part of it to go to deaf camp and part to pay off the room for the girls.  I doubt they'll be much left for anything else which means we'll have to figure something out regarding some repairs that must take place around here.  Truly, we still really need to move. 

Soccer season has started.  This week was orientation but we missed that.  So practices start this Tuesday for us.  We'll have practices Tuesdays, Fridays and games on Saturdays.  Keeping busy.  Yana will be Summer's assistant coach for her team and my cousin's little girl is also on there which will be nice.  Finally, we'll have time to talk.

We are still working on a massive mound of paperwork for a variety of things.  Hoping to finish it off this weekend.  In addition to all this, we have a house guest.  I've been calling her 'Little One' on the blog and some of you finally figured out that wasn't Summer.  LOL.  For now, I can not share more than that.  I will give you all a hint though that you will indeed be seeing her in the future.  And truly, that's all I can say for now.  That has been part of the reason for a lack of blogging lately and for some happenings around here such as the new van, more space, etc.  All things are intertwined, just can't elaborate at the moment.  And no, I won't be answering questions on the matter.

We're planning more of our vacations and outings as we need to make reservations.  Some places, groups of 13 are counted as groups.  Have to make sure there are tickets/ spaces/ etc.  So, think I got most planned but now working out details of where to go.  Suggestions in Nashville, TN, are greatly appreciated.  April, we may go out locally and try out the new travel trailer assuming we have one by then.  Given our family make up now and other reasons, we are selling the rv and getting a travel trailer which will serve our travel needs much better.  We will test it out before going on a big trip so to do that, we'd just test locally at Lake Jordan or something like that in April.  Simple.  May, we go to Cue/ Deaf Camp in Roaring Gap, NC.  Can't wait.  Go every year.  June, is the big Bulgarian Reunion.  We'll be making our summer vacation out of it. So, WVA, OH, KY,  and TN, here we come!  Staying at campgrounds at all of them.  Kids are excited as the pools are open in the summer of course and some of these campgrounds have some awesome pools/ waterslides.  July, Bojan is having surgery (more on that).  Labor Day Weekend, we get to spend at the beach!  Cape Hatteras KOA will be our destination.  Fun in the sun for sure.  Hopefully, hurricanes will stay at bay.  October will bring a Halloween camping trip. So, making plans and getting things squared away for it all.  Camping has allowed our family to go places where otherwise, we couldn't.  Having our own "place" makes it nice for those kids who struggle w/ change in routine.  It's great.  We weren't sure last year when we got the rv if it was a smart move or not.  One of our better ones for sure.  To go somewhere w/ this bunch and stay at a hotel, it roughly would cost over $500 to $600 a night between 3 rooms and food out.  Can't do it.  But, being able to have your own place, pay $25 to $50 (depending on season) a night for ALL of us AND cook as we do at home, we can go places.  I highly suggest it for other big families.

Bojan will be getting surgery around July 30th.  It is very tentative at this point.  We are disappointed it is not sooner but do understand how busy they are.  If it happens then, during our Labor Day trip, Bojan will be unable to walk at all at the beach.  Teens' friends and us were brainstorming.  So far, we've come up w/ getting him to the beach via sled.  Yep.  Sled at the beach.  Wheelchair won't work.  Luckily, our campsite is literally behind the dunes, right at the beach so not far for access.  He'll be able to swim, just NO prosthetic ready whatsoever.  Hey, we'll make it work.  Bojan doesn't want to cancel the trip and we figured, the chicks may feel 'sorry' for him.  LOL.  Hey, at 14yo that is where your mind goes.  So, as long as he's okay w/ it, we'll help him get to the water.  Now, campgrounds, he'll be able to use the wheelchair for sure as it's paved.

There is much, much more going on around here.  Like say Alex practicing soccer.  Piling things up high so he can practice kicking specific items down.  Like a big vat of grease.  All over the sidewalk.  Nice one.  Or Reni answering lately in what I call scream.  Yes, I'd say she'll enter puberty soon. LOL.  Either that or just drive us crazy.  Just been a week full of little things going on around here.  It's not a bad thing, just busy.  Now, we're getting back into the swing of things and pressing forward.  Over the next few days, maybe I'll catch up.  Maybe.  We're getting ready to really enjoy spring weather coming on this weekend.  Tomorrow, kids and I are massively doing a spring cleaning while the room is being worked on.  I'll do a homeschool update, FAS update, Logan transformation and more soon.  Wanted to explain a little of why we've been so quiet lately.  


  1. It's nice that your garage was already mostly finished, even minus the insulation...makes it nice. What is a PPR? I keep forgetting to ask. Have a good weekend!

  2. Some NC beach areas have beach wheelchairs for rent. They have big balloon tires and roll well in the sand. Maybe that would work for Bojan?

  3. OK-I get it about little one now.
    :) :) :)