Sunday, March 17, 2013


Vet came by last week for Digby's annual checkup.  Love that she comes to the house for the dogs.  Makes life so much easier for us.  Digby is monitored for heartworm as when he was a rescue, he was dx'd with heartworm and was treated for it.  Over the past few weeks, we've noticed him slow down quite a bit.

Thankfully, he does not have heartworms.  He does however, have something called arlickia.  Some type of tick disease that I clearly don't know how to spell.   It can be treated and he is being treated for it.  Antibiotics for 3 weeks.  She said we will start seeing a difference soon.  And sure enough, we have.  This disease makes your joints ache and such.  Harder to move.  He's up and about more and going to start walking him again tomorrow.  Alaska checked out a-okay for everything.  Diggs is doing fine and will make a full recovery.  Just thought it was because he was getting older that he slowed down.  Glad I mentioned it to the vet.  And even happier she knew what to look for.  We also bought Joint supplement jerky treats for him.  $21 a bag!  30 day supply.  But, if it will help him, worth every penny.  Digby is a great dog to be sure.  Just thought I'd share.  More posts forthcoming.  Working on a few. 

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  1. Maybe you can find some cheap window shades to use as closet "doors." Then the girls can pull them up and down as needed.

    Can't wait to see their new space all finished.