Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coloring Eggs

The other day we decided to color some Easter Eggs.  No shaving cream or any Pinterest recipe here.  We cheat w/ the Paas kits.  Vinegar and water works just fine.  One day I'll learn not to look on Pinterest and feel like such an underachiever.  LOL.  Anyhow, the Littles did their eggs first because it was getting late.  We had gone out for Chinese earlier that evening and it really was turning into a late evening.  So, wanted to get them done and down for the night.  Plus, I knew they'd be a bit messier than the others.

Summer, getting excited about getting ready to color Easter Eggs.

Coloring is serious business you know.  Notice that giant pot?  Yes, it was pretty full of eggs.  I think we boiled like 5 or 6 dozen eggs.  Wanted everyone to have a few.

Such pretty colors.

Nice and bright.  Cheery for spring.

Nik is writing on his egg.  The artist.  Summer is seeing that moment where she discovers the color on the egg.

Nik, showing me the start of his egg.

His speech therapist would be proud.  He drew a duck and said quack.

Reni, where is your smile??

Summer is slowly turning into a smurf.  We tried to tell her not to grab the eggs.

Irina making all sorts of nice colors.

After the Littles went down for bed, Irina, Reni, Nik and Summer were left to color eggs.  No one else wanted to which surprised me.  But, was kind of nice w/ just a few and less chaotic to be sure.  

They made some really gorgeous eggs.  We did end up eating quite a few so far.  Making egg salad with the rest for lunches.  Yum.  Usually, we have that in the summer time.  Nice treat really.  Yana left on Thursday and arrives home tomorrow, Monday.  She was supposed to be home Easter but it didn't work out that way.  She spent the last few days with a friend in New Bern.  They did quite a bit of work on the farm but had a good time as well.  Kids liked doing face time with her on the ipod.  Anyhow, more to come. 

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