Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthday box and beauty box

As some may or may not realize, Max's birthday is coming up next week. Very hard to believe he'll be 18yo.  I will have a post on that next week.  For now though, sharing a present he received this past week and hasn't taken off. 

I love that they all gather when one of them opens presents.  Doesn't matter who it is. 

I think Alex approves of the new shoes.  Max has been wanting a new pair of steel toed boots for a long time.

And Mom, why are you taking my picture again?

He really was impressed by these boots and sort of stunned he got them.

Max really does keep things for a long time.  He's a simple kid and doesn't ever ask for much.  Love to see him get what he wants every now and then.  These were from a dear friend of ours.  Thank you Heather!  

Summer, showing off some lip balm.  We are big Burts Bees fans here.  You know they're made in Durham which isn't far from here.  don't you just love the mess on the floor.  SOON that will be in the girls' new room and not in my kitchen!

Summer, trying out the new hats that were in the beauty box.

And Summer was more than proud and confident she could put on lipstick all by herself.  

Reni and Irina figuring out which ones they want.  It's great b/c all the girls sit in the floor and go through this box of beauty supplies.  I have plenty more pictures but as you are aware, I'm limited on what I can post lately.  However, when I can, there is a great shot of Reni.  We all enjoyed the box and getting to see all the wonderful surprises that will be put to good use.  

Well, tomorrow is soccer and a little festival type thing there as well.  Sunday we have some company coming by and Reni may go out w/ a neighbor for her birthday celebration.  She takes ALL of my kids out for their birthdays.  Very sweet of her and they just love Tonya.  And so do we!  Max will be working on the floors this weekend. 

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