Sunday, March 31, 2013

A sweet surprise

I know I'm way, way behind on posts.  What can I say?  Life caught up to me and seemed like being out sick made me that much more behind.  Happens.  The other day I received a package.

Opening the box with a hopeful helper.

A box arrives.  I knew what had to be in here b/c I've received one in the past.  So really, really looking forward to a box addressed to me!

Yeh, not sure how this got out of sync.  Opened the card and it was from my Mom and Dad.  Said Happy Easter.  Very sweet surprise.

Out of order yet again.  URGHHH!!!  This is Nik really enjoying one of the strawberries.  

Look at the size of these things!  They were ripe and very sweet of course.  Delicious.  

I forgot who took the picture but they got me good.  LOL.  Right when my shock look came up.  Or more the look of do I really want to share all these berries.  And yes, they were as good as they looked.  Thanks Mom and Dad for making our Easter a little sweeter.

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