Monday, February 18, 2013

Yana and Summer's drawings

I can't do some w/out the other you know.  Summer saw everyone drawing and wanted to join in. 

Summer saw me taking pictures of their artwork and she wanted in on it.  So, here is Summer w/ her picture she drew.  When she came here, she could barely hold a crayon in her hand.  Progress.

Some of the kids drew t-shirt designs for the upcoming reunion.   We didn't get to submit Yana's b/c she never had the chance to finish it.  It was two hands together and then things relating to Bulgaria or the reunion.  Car is about the roadtrips folks take to get there, the Bulgarian flag and soccer, etc.   

Yana drew this hawk.  Unfortunately, it got put on the counter and stained.  Those marks on the moon weren't there originally.  But, thought it was still great so wanted to share.  

Okay, five blog posts in a day.  I'm done.  Have tons of paperwork to do.  Determined to get it done.  Have a great evening. 

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