Friday, February 8, 2013

What we CRAVE

Yes, that time again.  Another cravebox in the mail.  We really do love getting these things. 

Kids love seeing that blue box come from the UPS man.

Open it up and it's always filled with goodies.

Not sure why this picture is gray on the bottom half.  It was a great snack box.  Kids ate it all of course.  We weren't really keen on the microwave pasta but then again, we really don't eat all that much processed food and make our own spaghetti sauces.  They had some great coupons as well for Earthbound products and we use those in the produce aisle.  Nice box and everything we ate in it.  Gum went fast.  LOL. Always does in this house.  It is an orphanage thing.

Today is Friday.  Yana is at a friend's for the evening and Irina is babysitting this evening.  Alex was invited to stay the night but we said no, it was our turn to have someone here.  Alex thought that meant tonight but w/ Bojan being sick we said no.  Another weekend for sure though.  IF the boys clean that room.  How do boys stand it at times?! 

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  1. We got that Crave box too! Kids loved it, ate everything but did not like the juice. It is fun to see what surprises will be in the box.