Thursday, February 21, 2013


Been a more hectic week than I thought it would.  We're all doing well here.  Just trying to get lots done.  We'll start w/ some great news.  Warren does not need surgery.  Always a good thing.  He has partial ACL & MCL tears.  Some capsule in the bone burst.  Cracked tibia ended up w/ the bone bleeding inside and bruising.  Sprained MCL and ACL.  2nd degree something or another.  In other words, one pretty messed up knee.  He required 6 weeks of PT at 2X per week.  He'll do that at the on site health care center he has at work.  Still in the brace for two more months.  Long healing.  But, no surgery.

We go for Bojan's Shriner's appointment inquiring about amputation on Tuesday.  We'll leave here Monday evening after the kids' dentist appts.  5 of them have appts. that day.  We'll take Bojan and 'little one' with us.  Rest will be here w/ Warren's Dad.  So, visiting w/ Papa will be fun for all.  And, we're only going to be gone one overnight so not too concerned. 

Requested an IEP meeting for Max.  I'm not happy w/ it all but will not elaborate at the moment.  Just frustrated. 

Homeschool Academy is cancelled for tomorrow.  Storm moving this way.  Lots of hype.  Hope the roof doesn't leak.  But really, lots of hype for rain.  We get hurricanes here folks and this is seeming to have more hype than hurricane season w/ a CAT 3.  Ridiculous.  So, many counties have either cancelled or delayed school. 

Warren and I will be going to look at a van on Saturday.  If they can deal, we'll most likely get it.  If not, there are plenty of other places to find one we need.  Just we both really like this one as it has everything we need including the towing capacity. 

Contractor came out again today.  They had a better idea.  Though we'll lose height on the room (it was an extremely tall space to begin with), we'll gain storage underneath the entire room and it will cost us MUCH less.  Yeh, we're going w/ that plan instead.  In addition, they'll be able to build the girls a walk in closet which they'll love as they get older.  LOL.

Making lots of appointments lately to get things done.  Quite a bit brewing here at Chaos Manor but it will have to wait in due time to be told.  Trust me, a very good thing.  March is bringing soccer our way and Max's birthday as well.  Still can't believe he'll be 18yo. 

Much more to share, much, much more.  And I'll get to it all in due time.  This weekend it is supposed to be stormy.  Except for Sunday.  So, garage will be finished them.  Contractors said it will only take 2 to 3 days to do their room.  The girls are thrilled.  We're very ready.  Ready for all the changes coming to Chaos Manor.

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