Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow dust

That's what I've decided to call snow in NC.   All the southerners pretty much dream from year to year to get a "big snow."  Now, big to you all is not the same as here in NC in regards to snow.  Since this state is equipped to handle hurricanes and not snow storm, when a flake falls, the store shelves are literally emptied, the entire state practically shuts down.  New northerners to the area always crack up when they experience this phenomenon for the first time. 

This all leads me to this past weekend & the 'snow' we received here.

Excitement was in the air as you can see by Summer's face.

Meanwhile, I think Reni was just praying it would keep falling.

Is it really snow mom?

Even if covered in ice, these guys have to get on the trampoline.  Thank God they haven't figured the pool turns to ice and tried to skate on it.  Seriously, they would if they could.

Nik is determined to catch a flake.

And honest to goodness, my kids do have winter jackets.  Not sure why I ever buy them though is all they ever where are sweatshirts.  They were actually mad I made them put shoes on.  

I'm not sure if Yana is trying to trick them into doing something here or not.

Everyone checking out the 'snowfall.'  You can tell how massive it is.

If their necks go back any further, they may need a chiropractor.

Yes, I do realize the implants aren't supposed to get wet.  Neptunes could though.  URGHH!!!  The ground did end up covered in white.  But just barely and then the freezing rain turned it all into a muddy mess.  We love the snow for sure.  I think it is b/c of the rarity that we get to see it.  There's always next year.  Close to March, temps will be going up, up up from here on out.  By April in NC, we're all usually in shorts full time again. 


  1. The Harmony's are water resistant, so they'll be just fine in the snow. :)

  2. OMG her face is priceless. So excited about the snow. If I could send you ours each time it snows, I so would.