Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shriners Consult & Interesting Hotel

Well, as you know, we left yesterday for SC and came back today.  It's a 5 hour drive from here.  We weren't able to leave until after 5 of the kids had dentist appts.  10 kids, no cavities or issues.  Wahoo!!!  Anyhow, fixed some quick spaghetti, we ate it and were on our way to SC.  Won't bore you w/ all the details. 

Got to the hotel and no good signage.  That was only the first thing.  Went to check in.  Price w/ discount was not what they were showing me.  Fixed that, given directions to the room.  They were suites.  It was an old apartment complex converted.  VERY poorly signed & #'d.  So, went back to ask a 2nd time where this dog gone room was.  Searched again and found it.  In the pouring down rain.  No awnings or coverings.  Very poorly lit and steps everywhere.  Not many steps but for kids that are coming to Shriners w/ limb differences, a problem.  Walked into the room. Mind you, it's 11:30 at night, no time to find another hotel or go out in the pouring rain to complain.  The room smelled 'funky.'  Mixture of old smoke and funk.  Yuck!  Then, we noticed everything falling apart in the room from ceiling to drawers to whatever.  Bojan even noticed claw marks on one of the doors!  I don't even want to know that one.  Ants and roaches all over the kitchen.  Didn't step foot in there.  I would not even let Little One get a bath.  Nope.  So glad we brought the playpen and her own comforter.  Wished we'd have done the same for us.  Tried to open the sliding glass door for fresh air.  Umm, nope.  So, opened the main door to air out and try to get fresh air in there.  Alarm clock was broken too in there.  Of course we woke up late.  After not really sleeping to begin with.  Fred Flintstone had better accommodations.  But, our goal was to be there for Bojan, not to enjoy some luxury stay.  Though, at that point we were all wondering why we didn't bring our own RV.  Oh, gas.  That's why.  Seriously though, no one stay at the Hawthorne Suites by Wyndam in Greenville, SC!  That bad.  Really.  After telling Shriners about our stay, they're crossing it off their list of recommendations.  Shoot, they asked us how our stay was and Bojan went off.  LOL.

Got to Shriners after not finding it for awhile.  Realizing shortly after this that Warren's iphone does indeed have a GPS app.  Again, I'm blaming this one on sleep.  Anyhow, got signed in.  Only thing I found odd is they ask for your adoption certificate.  Really not sure why on that one if he's on our insurance anyhow.  But oh well.  Shriners has got their act together for sure!  VERY efficient, informative, know their stuff, etc.  We were very, very impressed and wished this facility was closer.  Doc even has the top hand specialist in the world that comes there 4X a year.  Said next time if we'd like, he'd take a look at Alyona.  We told him the story and for now, are leaving her alone for many reasons.  Trauma being the main one.  For those new here, years ago Alyona had a botched surgery job done on her that left her w/ permanent damage.  They were very thorough w/ Bojan.  Wished Duke would have sent his file.  Even after a month of having the release to do so, they didn't.  Bojan was x-rayed and we discovered something we weren't told before on one of his previous surgeries.  Had the docs there a little perplexed as well.  They put a staple at the top of his bone.  Was a little weird to be sure as that is not typical.  Anyhow, they asked Bojan what he thought and things of that nature.  Recognizing that this is what he wanted we are all proceeding w/ the amputation surgery.  Their surgery team will contact us soon w/ a date.  Our prosthetic docs here will be fitting everything else and we have complete confidence in our prosthetics team here.  NO issues w/ them whatsoever. 

Shriners had this very technical and cool gait room to see how he walked even.  Just was an awesome set up.  They have a sign saying no pictures in the hospital so I didn't take any.  We even got to see therapy dogs.  Really neat dogs and Little One had a field day w/ those.  The whole hospital is just filled w/ pleasant people and great information.  I do not regret one bit driving all that way for Bojan to get his leg amputated.  Well worth it to be sure.  It has been beyond a long day.  We're all exhausted.  I will write more on it all later at some point.  Just wanted to say it was a successful trip.  IEP meeting coming up on Thursday morning.  Hate those.

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  1. Yikes! Sounds a little like the Bates Motel...