Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Selling the van

I know, a very boring title but this is real life.  It has come time for us to sell our van.  And the ONLY reason we are selling is because we have honestly just outgrown it.  I figured I'd post it on here just in case.  You never know if someone knows someone out there in the market for a great van.  I can say with all honesty this van is in EXCELLENT mechanical shape.  Absolutely a sound vehicle w/ nothing going on.  Tires are not all that old and are also in excellent shape.  They have plenty of tread left on them. 

It's a white 2008 Ford E350 XLT.  It is a 12 passenger van.  Took this picture after our ice storm so it does need washing.

Side shot.  

These are the tires.  All purchased at the same time.  You can see the tread.

Again, great shape, no patches or anything.  Don't ask me the brand of tire, I'd have to go look.  I just know they're great tires and are NOT cheap. 

Front of the van.  I have a shot of the back that I would share privately.  Only reason I didn't put in on here is b/c of the license plate.

Sorry I didn't get a better side shot.  I will take one for future inquires for sure.  But, couldn't move the rv to take the shot.  I do not drive that rv.

Inside is a beige interior.  No dings in the glass or anything of that nature from highway rocks.  Like I said, this car is in pretty decent shape.  We do not want to sell but don't have a choice.  It is a 12 passenger van.  It is truly built Ford Tough.  We've owned two of these vans thus far and never had trouble w/ either one.  This one has 63,000 miles on it.  Asking price is $13,000.  Please feel free to contact us if interested for more details.  Thanks for looking.  You just never know who may be in need of a big van.  And, if anyone hears of a bigger van or bus for sale for us, let us know as well.  We've already been to craigslist, ebay, local listings,, etc.  Sometimes though you'll see something on the side of the road for sale.  Just shoot us an email. 

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