Friday, February 15, 2013

Redneck Fire Pit

Well, sometimes Nik just comes up with the strangest ideas.  Hey, at least he's thinking.  Let's see what my son is building today.

Nothing like cutting down sticks from the woods.  Must find the right ones to hold your pot.  

Has to be sturdy sticks to hold your cooking pot.  Plastic bucket.  

Nik made sure he got it just right.  And what better place to put it than in the front yard.  You know, since the house doesn't look trashy enough w/ piles of bikes or things being sorted.

Ahh, his redneck fire pit.  Even Jeff Foxworthy would be proud!  Nik was really wondering why I wouldn't let him cook in the plastic bucket let alone build a fire.


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  2. Maybe your son's inspired fire pit belongs here on this list of Crazy Redneck Fire Pits.