Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Bulgarian Visitor

Last weekend we had a Bulgarian visitor.  It was someone we'd met earlier last summer at the reunion.  She is an adult adoptee.  Her name is Anna and when she came to NC, she came to see us as well!  We had a great time w/her.  Kids had lots of fun and I really don't think anyone slept much that night as they were too busy chitter chattering.  She took the girls to the mall and even went to a bonfire party w/ us.  Though, I have no pictures from that.  We were all too busy talking.  I do have pics of her trying to get one good shot in of the kids lined up.  LOL.  Tons of takes but I'll only put a few on here. 

My Bulgarian kiddos and Anna.

Let's try another take here.  This is when I wished I didn't let Summer dress herself.  She's wearing her sisters' clothes.

Anna explaining to Alex that he's Russian and that's why he's not in the pic.

One more pic for the road please.  Summer not wanting to let go of her candy.

Warren, trying to get everyone lined up.

Still working on a line up of oldest to youngest. 

Some not too happy about this photo shoot and some too happy.

Anna realizing this may be harder than it looks.  LOL.  I knew I shouldn't have let Summer dress herself on this day.

People actually all looking at the camera.  BTW, sidewalk slopes up.  To try to get the younger ones a bit more even.  Of course, you can tell which ones have growth issues.  LOL.

  Goofy face time.

Geez, another shot.  Can you tell they are getting a bit impatient?

And, Alyona has had all she can take.  Max truly is being a good sport but totally fed up.  Look at the expression on his face.  Yana wants to pose in every picture, Bojan wants to go back to sleep, Alyona is done, Alex & Logan just want to go back to playing ball in the yard, Reni goes along w/ it all as she doesn't care, Nik is a natural camera hog and Summer just wants to finish the candy that is in her hand.  Yep, that about sums it up.  LOL.  

We had a good time and I'm sure we'll see her in the future.  Always great to get visitors around here and reconnect.  As we've said before, door is always open and all are invited.  If it's summer time, all we ask is you bring a watermelon to share.  Winter, we're pretty good w/ a huge canister of hot cocoa.  LOL.  We'll feed you and lodge you and most definitely keep you entertained w/ this bunch.  Feel free to stop on by Chaos Manor any time. 

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  1. The shot where all of them are looking is really great! Frame it!

    We have some old family pix of Craig's grandpa and his sibs as kids (I think there were 12 of them) and they are all lined up by age, too, except in their case this means they get progressively bigger as you look from youngest to oldest.