Monday, February 18, 2013

Nik's drawings

Had some of Max's, now time for Nik's drawings.  Hope you enjoy.  Remember, he is our little 'Stephen King.'

This is Nik's way of telling me he wants another camera.  He had an orange one and played w/ it ALL the time.  He and Reni love them and they are pretty much indestructible.  Pretty much.  His finally doesn't work any more and he misses it.  So, hence the drawing.

Another one of Nik's hints.  LOL.  He loves his innotab.  He and Summer play w/ theirs everyday.   Now, even our houseguest is playing w/ it.  Nik drew a cartridge that he wants for it.  We downloaded a game.  I'm trying to be on the look out for used cartridges.  Hoping during yardsale season I'll be able to score a few.  

Another one of Nik's drawings.  I have an art lesson on a dvd for homeschool.  One day he and Logan took it upstairs and drew while watching it.  Not bad.

Nik's snowman.

I like this one.  A train Nik drew.  He's getting a bit better at detail for sure.  Following in his brother's footsteps.

Nik's newest obsession, the phone.

I like this one.  Nik drew a riverboat.  Thought it was pretty cool.

Ahh, my little Stephen King.  Notice Logan at the top of the roof.  He is getting ready to throw something.  On the ladder is Summer throwing a rock.  Logan and Summer are throwing rocks and breaking all the windows.  Nik is smiling and happy he told me b/c he's not in trouble.  This of course is happening at night.  The policeman is shining a flashlight up at Logan to see what is happening.  Mom and Dad are standing there angry. 

A little closer up view of what is happening.  Love that the moon is asleep.

And those are a few of Nik's.  He's drawn a lot more of amusement rides and helicopters.  Just thought I'd share. 


  1. He's a very talented little artist and way less Stephen King these days.

  2. Nik's drawings are really really good. I think Max must be rubbing off on him. :)