Friday, February 8, 2013

Miscellaneous pics

Time for that title again.  No catchy words, just some pictures that we've taken here and there. 

Not sure if he's trying to look like Mickey Mouse or what.

Nik and interrupted by little sister.  Both are camera hogs btw.

Nik and I guess his impression of the scream guy.  He does this and says scary.

Bojan trying on something for the concert.  I had ordered him a suit but it hadn't arrived yet.  See, got a super great deal on a great suit.  Ended up paying just $22 for the suit.  This is NOT it as it has not gotten here yet.  And, he had a concert this evening so had to get him to try on something of Max's since he had nothing left that fit.  He grew a bunch.  Hence, the new suit but didn't come in time.  Oh well, he'll have it for the next one.  BTW, he was so sick, he couldn't even get to go to the concert.  Felt so bad for him.  It was the all county one that he tried out and made.

Love the mess when boxes arrive.  Who are we kidding, not just when they arrive.  Max was caught off guard here.

Alex was feeling under the weather.  Despite all the blankets you see on the couch, he had to drag his full sized comforter downstairs.  Alex is fine now.  He has horrible, horrible allergies but we really can't give him any allergy meds due to other meds he is on.  Trust me on that one. 

No idea what they're watching or why Summer is the opposite way.  Oh well, they all look content.  The kids love the bean bag chairs Santa brought them for Christmas.  The girls' new room is going to be that color and purple.  Their choice.  I think it will be very cool.  

Got to get some sleep soon.  Soccer try outs are tomorrow morning.  Can't wait to see folks again.  Always a fun time.

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