Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miscellaneous pics

Hey, post 3 in one night!  I'm getting in the groove again. 

Nik loves to create things.  Know you can't tell but this is really cool.  It's motorized and is just plain neat.  Nik always makes the coolest things w/ Kinex.  He loves those things as do the other kids.  They are always building w/ them.

Summer and a little visitor we have absolutely love this cart.  Take it all over the house.  Awesome.  Had it for years and is by far one of the most favorite toys.  That bucket on the left is our sugar bucket.  We have one that size for flour, bread flour and popcorn as well.

She's happy just to be going in the car.

Nik was cold so I gave him my jacket.  Warren gave him his hat.  Next time, maybe he'll listen to mom when I say it's cold outside.

Stupid picture I know.  However, ladies take a look at the size of her gorgeous lashes.  Totally jealous.

Summer has shot up over the last few months.  Really, really growing.  She can even count to ten now!

Summer helping me set up for snack time.  Over 60 hungry football players to feed.  She was a little slow.  I finally just dumped the box on the table as the field was rushing towards us.  It was just a beautiful day there and got to meet so many new people.  Also great time to share our testimony regarding adoption.  Met 3 folks that are interested there.  Just don't know where to start.  You just never know where things will take you.  

Enjoy your evening.  I'm definitely back.  Have lots to catch up on. 

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  1. You have beautiful kids! It looks like football will be a good fit for the boys. I'm jealous of your sunshine. It's been yucky here for a few days now. I'm thinking of getting one of those little hats with the lights on them...