Friday, February 15, 2013

Max's drawings

I know I am beyond behind on posts.  Very good reason for that though which I'll explain later.  For now, continuing w/ some other things.  Don't worry though, life is very good right now.  So, back to Max's drawings.  He started one.  Keep in mind, this is an unfinished drawing. 

A building he is working on.  He's using that old perforated printer paper.  We need to buy him a new sketch pad for sure.   I think it looks like some sort of courthouse.  

 Close up of the front side.  Like the railings and the detail.

This is the more unfinished part.  What blows me away is that it doesn't take him any time to knock out a drawing.  I'm actually thinking of setting up an Etsy store for him w/ prints of various things.  People at school have even paid Max to draw for him.  So, I think there may be a niche there.  Who knows.

Today is Friday.  Much more to come as far as posts go. 

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Makes me think of Harvard's Widener library, though the details are different. Doesn't look like the online pictures of it, because everyone takes pictures from way across the way; but when you're standing close to, it totally towers over you the way this does, with the huge stairs.

    I'm an artist, though not active (sigh). I think Max should TOTALLY be selling his work on Etsy -- if he likes that idea. He has skill, and he has style. His work is very evocative, and mature.