Monday, February 4, 2013

Manic Monday

I know it's been a few days but I said it'd be about a week before I could go back to doing normal posts again.  Just a busy time in our life but I will share more later when I am able.  For now, a little of what's happening around here.

  • Watching a friend's son today
  • kids have homeschool stuff to catch up on
  • need to think of science experiments for Friday
  • football practice this weekend
  • bonfire at a friend's house this weekend
  • Bojan has a concert Friday night
  • having to cancel dentist appointments this morning
  • need to call vet for an appt.
  • need to finish Nik's eval for his team of specialists meeting
  • kids are growing like weeds
  • Think by mid-week I should be back in the blog world again
  • selling the van this week
  • selling the rv soon
  • working on plans to sell the house
  • SO many good things happening and can't wait to share more
  • realized this week that we have some very, very good friends both near and far
  • need to find a hotel near Shriner's in SC
  • need to find a sitter for one night
  • may be getting a surprise visitor this weekend (again more soon!)
  • speech therapist is on vacation
  • football practice this afternoon
  • I'm exploding w/ joy lately
  • car was paid off today (Warren's car)
  • have to go shopping for meat (this past weekend we went shopping only failing to realize it was SuperBowl weekend.  ALL meat sold out!)
  • Warren's knee is starting to feel better
Oh, so, so much more to share.  Just been a bit busy here.  Think I'm almost caught up w/ a few things though so I should be back to regular posts this week.  Kind of nice to have a few days off from the bloggy world.  Need to get going.  Enjoy your week.  Glad to be back and ready to share what all the kids have been up to as well.  

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  1. I'm glad Warren is feeling better! Congratulations on paying off your car too.