Monday, February 25, 2013

Manic Monday

Definitely going to be a manic everyday for sure.  Start w/ a few this week.

  • leave for SC Shriners today for Bojan's amputation consult
  • come home Tuesday evening
  • Alex and Logan are staying w/ Grandparents this week (Warren's)
  • Taking Bojan and Little One w/ us.  Rest are staying home.
  • Wednesday, Little One has an allergist appointment
  • Thursday, Max has an IEP meeting
  • Thank goodness soccer season starts next week
  • Kids are ready for soccer
  • We got a new van this past weekend.  See previous post.
  • Working on my workout program this week
  • Went for a walk w/ the girls last night & we decided to do this every night after dinner
  • Made a wish list for Max's birthday.  It's his 18th coming up at the end of March.  Finally, I'm early when folks ask me what he wants.  
  • Max's birthday wishes are here.  People have asked so I asked him.  His response was I don't need anything mom.  So, he listed about 2 things and I put the rest down just so relatives/ friends have something to go off of.  LOL.  My son.  Hey, at least he's simplistic.  Most his age would ask for electronics or a car.  I lucked out! 
  • Still have piles of paperwork to do.
  • PPR is done.
  • Dentist just called.  Now, appt. is earlier
  • Way behind on school this morning
  • House is a mess
  • Finally got rid of the hot tub eye sore in our yard.  Yeh, a little less redneck day by day
  • learning many new things this week
  • have to go grocery shopping later this week
  • need to drop ink cartridges off at Staples
  • need to haul off all the trash from cleaning out the garage
  • somehow my brush has disappeared
  • lots going on and at some point, I'll explain
  • truly enjoying the last few weeks here.  Busy, but a good busy.  
  • CPA is working on our taxes
  • Taxes will be used for much needed repairs.  One year, we'll actually do something fun w/ it.  LOL.  
Don't have time to make a long list here today.  Haven't packed anything up.  Warren's car is loaded down w/ boxes and need to take those out to make room.  Reload the stroller in that car and put stuff in we shouldn't forget.  Like directions.  It's 5 hours from here.  Leaving early evening so probably get there around 10 at night.  Go to bed and wake up early.  So, off we go.

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