Monday, February 18, 2013

Manic Monday

Well, it's the beginning of a new week. I can't say we're slowing down but can say I hope to.  We're at a good place right now.  Finding our new normal and enjoying it quite a bit.  Many things have to remain quiet for now but when I can, I will share what is happening around here in more detail.   With it being Monday, tell you all a little of what's happening here at Chaos Manor.

  • kids have early release today
  • one of Max's friends is over
  • Bojan is still trying to build a mousetrap car after a few attempts this past weekend
  • it snowed dusted this past weekend
  • boys played football
  • signed up for soccer
  • may get to help out w/ soccer this season
  • don't feel like doing school today but we actually got a lot done
  • need to call Shriners & have them verify w/ hotel we actually have an appt.
  • need to call CPA
  • need to call ophthalmologist for Alyona (she has ONH)
  • need to call speech therapy regarding a bill
  • tons of other calls to make so I should get on the phone!
  • Digby and Alaska need a bath
  • garage is half way cleaned out
  • girls are getting excited about their new room
  • need to take pics of some things for sale that we found in garage
  • hopefully going to look at a van this coming weekend
  • needing to find help w/ the garage 
  • contractor is working w/ us but still need to find a few to help us out
  • putting RV up for sale this weekend
  • double checking plans for this coming year regarding our trips
  • working on going to Camp Cheerio (Cue/ deaf camp) in May
  • getting caught up on posts
  • soccer starts in March
  • Yana is going to write a book on a Russian adoptee's perspective
  • Max is going to open up an Etsy shop over the next few months and sell his prints
  • trying to find ways to tighten a budget as inflation seems to be coming
  • I'm beyond behind on thank yous
  • going to try to at least send March b-day cards out on time
  • need to get mileage paid for last PPR that took place
  • have legal paperwork to fill out this evening
  • still working on Nik's massive eval paperwork
  • Want to have an eval team to done for Alyona as well 
  • need to make some neuro appointments
  • need to write a few folks for Bojan
  • would like to do a few birth parent searches but they really are too expensive
  • I'm behind on getting back to a few folks
  • Warren's ortho is this week to see if he'll need surgery
  • need to think of some science experiments
  • everyone seems to be feeling okay (knock on wood)
  • I am determined to get a family portrait at some point
  • making plans for the Bulgarian reunion.  2 campgrounds reserved already.  2 more to go!  Holding off though as if we sell the RV, we're getting a travel trailer instead and need to reserve a bit differently at campgrounds.  Kids actually want to keep C-MOW though and totally modify the inside.  And if we can't sell, that's exactly what we'll do in April.  New flooring, painting, etc.  We all agreed this is OUR bus, we can do what we want w/ it and most of all, make it memorable.
  • had venison for the first time last evening
  • venison was a hit
  • want to use our gift cert for Warren and I to go out to dinner
  • need to make vet appointment
  • going to the park this week
  • Irina is babysitting more
  • IRina is still job hunting w/ voc rehab
Much, much more happening but that's all that comes to mind.  Overall, doing well.  Waiting to see about Warren and if surgery is what is to be.  If it is, we are going to need help.  Not kidding myself here.  Max and I can make up for some of the slack but we'll still need help here and there especially, w/ renovating this room.  To cut costs dramatically, a lot of the work will be done by us.  And, we're on a time crunch before we lose our minds.  LOL.   We'll know this week if Warren needs surgery and next week about Bojan.  Take it from there.  Yana also has a dance in April so we'll need to find a dress.  Max has a birthday in March.  Well, need to go.  We still have a bit more studying to do today.  Plus, may get ready to take a few of the kids for a walk I think. 

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