Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House happenings

Still playing catch up around here.  Not sure what all I mentioned on Monday but figured I'd mention a few things here.  Bojan received some awards today.  I know one was A/B honor roll and one was a character trait award of fairness.  Bojan also has his first all county band concert on Friday.  We'll all attend but Irina who will be babysitting for a friend. 

Tomorrow, homeschoolers are going to the nature center for a lesson on rocks and minerals.  We're going w/ friends there so that will be nice as well to hang out.  Not sure if Reni will be going w/us or not.  She has a fever tonight.  Seems like just a cold but wait and see.  Alex and Bojan are both severely stuffed up.  I do believe those two are strictly allergies though.  Warren is also under the weather.  Hoping it is all just colds and allergies and we can keep on trucking through this season.  Usually if we make it through February, we're good to go. 

Well, scratch that.  Bojan now has a low grade fever.  This may shape up to be an interesting few days.  Like I said, hope it is all just some 24 hour cold type of thing.  Hoping.  Time will tell. 

House is a mess.  Just going to lay that out there.  This remodel has to happen and soon.  See, we were going to try to sell and move.  After much, much research, it will be highly unlikely.  We have a great contractor lined up.  Now though, we must do a lot of the work ourselves.  Since Warren recently hurt his knee ( most likely torn MCL doc said), he is limited for a bit.  We'll have to ask for help to clear out the garage one weekend.  Not going to be fun, but has to be done in order to get started on this room for the girls.  Thinking maybe next weekend we can do something.  We're ready for order to be restored here for sure. 

Our speech therapist I think comes back from vacation tomorrow.  Not sure.  I sorted through a stack of papers yesterday.  We need to take our taxes to our CPA this year and hope for the best.  Really hoping for at least a little to come back to help w/ house repairs needed this year.  Unfortunately, our tax refund never goes to "extras" or fun, typically, it goes to repairs or medical needs.  Got to love it.  Hey, we'll be happy just not to owe.  LOL. 

Boys are still enjoying football.  Girls have decided not to continue with dance.  However, they all really want to play soccer.  And that's fine.  I like them to try things here and there.  My kids are the type that can not do multiple things at a time.  I know some parents have their kids in 3 or 4 activities a week.  We've learned with not only FASers but w/ PI kids as well that less is more.  They handle things better w/just one thing.  I think the girls realize it may be overwhelming for them.  And that is perfectly okay.  Now, they love soccer so I know that is here to stay.  I may have volunteered to be an assistant coach a few days ago.  Geez.  Hey, I'm there anyhow.  And, it is exercise.  And I"m all for that right now.  Well, need to sign off of here and get a few other odds and ends done before bed.  Like weight lifting and stretching.  Enjoy your week.  Think tomorrow will be awesome. 

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