Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Groundhog Day at the park

This past weekend, we did a few things.  First, we went to a Groundhog Day celebration at a local park.  After, we went to football practice.  Then to BJ's and home.  Long day but we made it.  Anyways, they had this local celebration at a park.  We decided this was the year to go. 

Nik, Irina and Logan checking out the owls they had.  

 Summer really enjoyed dancing w/ the Chick Filet cow.

Summer and rEcycle.  Yeh, I don't get it either.

Who wouldn't have a good time hanging out w/ a cow??

There was a hoola hoop contest.  I was just stunned at how long Nik could go.  He really was good at it.

Reni, Summer and Nik were the ones who gave it a try first.   Logan tried a bit later too.  

Logan having a good time at the hoola hooping.

Told you he was really into this.

They were all playing freeze dance here.  Now, Nik was out about mid-way.  This shot was after the crowd died down.  Reni last quite some time.  Logan went onto win things but Reni, Irina and I clearly saw him cheat.  I HATE the fact that still after being here 14 months he still feels the need to cheat.  We're working on it for sure.  Takes time.

Summer enjoying her slide ride.

Never too old to slide.

Heading out w/ the crowd.  Believe it or not, it really was chilly that day.  We were all so cold, we left early before the groundhog made his appearance.  Our toes were all freezing. 

Nik thought it was cool to push the stroller.  He really does make a great big brother at times.  Other times, he'd sell them up the river.  LOL.  

I thought the celebration would be a bit different.  Logan did conquer his fear and held a snake.  Proud of him for that.  The best part was the park but you could go there any time.  We all took a vote in the car and decided we're not going next year.  It wasn't bad, just not all it's cracked up to be.  After, we headed over to football practice. 

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