Saturday, February 9, 2013

Field Trip -- park

After learning, it was time to play.  Aka, PE.  Never a lack of folks to play with that's for sure. 

Alyona took this shot and asked to put it up here.  This is really a fun slide.

Some boys goofing around.  They enjoyed hanging out w/ their friend Sam.

A smaller slide for some little ones here and there.  Though Summer likes the big slide too as does another one.

Summer and Nik.  Yep, that pretty much shows her personality and spunk.

Ahh, the princess on her pedestal.  

Well, these went out of order.  Oh well.  After the park we went to Pizza Hut.  Boys like having a table to themselves b/c it is much more cooler than eating w/ the adults.

Summer, our fashionista.  Got to love the shades in the middle of winter.  Truly, movie star quality.

Love this picture of Alyona.  Not sure why the lines got in there.  She looks so content and natural here.  Hard to believe she is 13yo.  Time flies.

Boys enjoying their lunch.  All you can eat buffet is a dangerous thing for them.

No trouble eating from Ms. Summer.

Nto sure what the face is for.  LOL.  Those plates on the table were all the ones they were finished w/ thus far.

Some of the princesses enjoying their meal.  

We had a great time hanging out with friends and learning at the same time.  We do this about once a month at the nature center.  Can't wait to go again!  Thanks for going w/ us Jamie.  This week, we're staying home all week long.  Need to get some make up work done for sure.  Went to quite a few places lately which is great but there is also work to be done.  Kids know this and know it can't be all fun all the time.  Next week is a definite work week.  Even our speech therapist has to catch up with us.  More to come tomorrow.  Just got back from the farm and bonfire this evening.  Great time.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I know our friends up north got some serious snow.  We're not having much of a winter here in NC at all which is great for that electric bill.  But one big snow would be nice.

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