Saturday, February 9, 2013

Field trip-- nature center

The other day I took the homeschoolers to something called Discovery Days.  It is great b/c the kids go to the nature center and learn about a certain topic.  Then, we always play at the park afterwards.  This topic was rocks and minerals which is great b/c that is the unit we are starting next.  So, we went w/ friends.

Some of the kids very interested in learning.  This one had electricity so they of course were very involved.

They have stations w/ activities and each kid visits the stations and does the activity.  All hands on. I usually read what they're about.

Anything that involves electricity is a hit!

Yep, camera hog Nik ready for his shot.

Now, Alyona and the rest got a kick out of learning about this beehive.  

Love this picture b/c it captures Alyona enjoying her brother and his jokes.

Nik w/ the woodpecker puppet.  They absolutely loved these puppets.  Especially, the little house guest we had along.

 Nik enjoying some sand art.

It really was a cool little thing they did.  Trouble was we got to the car, put them in the back, under the stroller.  Yeh, bad move.  LOL.  

We enjoyed our time at the center but then it was time to play at the park.

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