Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bulgarian Reunion Cross Post

We are gearing up for our 3rd Reunion folks! Time to shake off the winter blues and make plans for the summer!!

When: June 21-23, 2013
Where: Winton Woods Park-Cincinnati, OH
Who: ALL Bulgarian Adoptive families, regardless of completed, in process or researching your Bulgarian adoption.

Registration cut-off May 1st. (If you are a family that wants to participate but may travel that weekend please coordinate with us)

This is a wonderful opportunity to build your adoptive parent support network, meet other families that you have spoken to along the way and honestly just have a great time. It is also a great cultural event to communicate your willingness to keep your children in touch with their birth country. Kids will learn to dance the horo, write in Cyrillic and other cultural activities throughout the weekend.

Last year brought 26 families from 13 states, this year it appears the gathering will be growing. Currently all of the park's cabins deluxe cabins are held for families and 9 of the 10 camper cabins are held; however, you can always bring an RV, grab a campsite or reserve one of the local hotels (5 minute drive).

Please e-mail ASAP: yvonne.villemure @ (take out the spaces)

It is very important to let me know if you plan to join because we are in the planning stages and need to build off of fairly accurate #'s. Likewise, if you he already said you will be joining and have changed your mind please also let me know so I can change it in my count. :)

Check the blog for details and to keep up to date:

Please feel free to cross post on other yahoo groups, support groups, facebook, share with your agency's or encourage families that are just beginning the process to join.

Hope to see you this summer!


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