Saturday, February 23, 2013

And 'Big Bird' arrives!

The past few weeks we've been looking all over for a new van.  Nothing wrong w/ the old van whatsoever but we finally outgrew it.  Who'd of thought you could outgrow a 12 passenger van.  Yet, we did.  So, we were on the hunt for a 15 passenger.  And, we found one that would suit our needs.  Yet, seemed out of reach budget wise.  Well, one day we stumbled across an eBay ad that was at a car dealership here in NC.  Noticed it wasn't selling on eBay.  Really, you have to be in the market for this kind of car.  So, thought maybe they'd be willing to deal but decided to watch how long it may sit on the lot.  You all know how that goes.  Today we decided to venture out an hour and a half one way to check it out.  There were actually two on the lot.  We knew we could get the one easily but truly wanted this one in particular for various reasons.  So, loaded up 6 of the kids, left 5 at home.  Ones that stayed at home were the smart ones b/c they knew it would be boring at best.  LOL. 

Got there and test drove two.  Actually, Warren test drove the gas one w/ me and I told him take Max w/ him to test drive the diesel.  You realize Max is a bit of a mechanical buff.  Those two could come to a good conclusion w/ how it drives.  The white one w/ the gas had NO pick up to me.  Our Ford was a bit better.  Couldn't wait to hear what Max and Warren had to say about the diesel as that is the one we came to really look at.  Many reasons which I'll get to at the end.

 And here's Big Bird.  It is longer than the white van we have.  And obviously, the color stands out.  We used to have an X-terra this color. 

Car seats in place for Summer and Little One.  They were together but Summer wants to play too dog gone much and not stay in place.  What's cool about this one is you can sweep it out.  No carpet!  Trust me, with kids it should be a standard feature.  You won't care about the spills.

Another nice thing about this one is the sliding door instead of the dual open doors.  Helps that the kids won't knock the car next to us.  Warren's car was parked next to it so really couldn't get any pics but you get the idea.  

We hated giving up our other car as there was literally nothing wrong with it.  Just outgrew it.  We were able to get a very awesome deal on this one.  It is a diesel which will help w/ our fuel costs.  Also, it has great towing capacity.   So, next step is selling the RV and getting a travel trailer which will again save quite a bit.  This van is a 2012 model w/ 10K miles on it.  Even has the brand new smell.  See, we really never get to get new vehicles.  Though this is considered used, it is definitely a brand new van for us.  Tomorrow I'll be sitting in the driveway for quite some time learning the entire console.  So many bells and whistles, it will take a little while to get used to.  Plus, for like the last 3 vans we ever owned were Fords.  Totally different set up and feel.  In no time though, Big Bird will be on the road.  Hey, at least we'll find it in the parking lot and at the campgrounds.  Now, to make sure the kids stay away from that stupid On Star button.  URGHH!!!  My biggest fear. Well that and you can start the car from inside the house even!  Told you, bells and whistles.  LOL.  We're loving our new van for sure.  

We came home and then had to unfortunately go to Wally World to get chicken b/c I forgot to thaw any meat out for dinner.   Chicken fajitas it was w/ rice.  Bojan actually spent some of his b-day money today.  He bought a movie set for Warren.  You must know first the boys ruined the original set we had.  Matrix set.  I hate those types of movies but Warren and the boys enjoy them.  Bojan said it was for Warren but we know better.  LOL.  However, sweet gesture nonetheless.  Irina babysat for someone tonight.  She really is enjoying babysitting and getting her name out a bit more.  Proud of her.  One step at a time.  Irina is actively pursuing jobs.  Sure she'll get one soon.  Then, our focus will go towards Max finding a job.  One kid at a time.  Next turn is Yana's.  Doing it by age as you can see.  Well, need to get some sleep sooner or later.  Tomorrow, we must clean out the rest of the garage so the contractors can start soon and do the girls' room.  Can't wait.  More to come tomorrow.  Just had to share Big Bird's arrival with you all.  Next new car will be Warren's.  We're not getting rid of his as his is paid for now.  The teens will use that for work.  Warren is looking for another car.  He wants an older car and we want one decent on gas for the commute.  Price is going to have to be incredibly low.  We don't want to be bogged down w/ car payments.  Hard to go from not having one to having one again.  But, the teens are going to have to have something as driving them everywhere will get old fast.  We'll figure it all out soon enough.


  1. Did I miss something? Who is "little one"?

  2. Congrats on the new van. Looks great. And the sliding doors are fantastic. We have them on our 8 passenger van and love them.

    We also had to move our kids' car seats apart, not because of playing too much, but because one (I'll let you guess) was doing too much hair pulling on the other. Ugh.

  3. I have been reading every post waiting for an update on the "good thing" that has been keeping you busy and I know I didn't miss any posts. I love how you just threw in there that you left 5 kids home and took 6 with you. I had guessed it was something along those lines. Hmmm....