Friday, January 18, 2013

What we CRAVE

Time for another CRAVEBOX.  I think this one was called the resolutions box.

A good view of what we received.

2 cans of soda, some mousse that the girls love, eye cream, chip clip, great coupons, sample of tea, four fruit bars, one granola bar, and dietary supplement.  Great haul for sure!

Definitely was a packed box this time full of goodies.

A little bit closer up view of everything.  Got to love FREE coupons.  We love Wholly Gaucomole so that came in handy.  Tried the smart ones frozen meal.  Umm, not all that filling if you're trying to lose weight.  We tried the 10 calorie drinks and they weren't too bad.  The fruit bars had much to be desired.  I'll be honest, they were the worst we've ever tasted!  And that simple peanut butter bar on top had more of the consistency of cardboard.  Now, to some I"m sure they taste wonderful.  For us, we'll stick to fresh fruit if we want it.  And our Nature Valley granola bars we eat.  And let's get real here, we love chips when we get the chance.  But, at almost $4 a bag, very little chance for chips any more.  LOL.  Guess that's a good thing especially w/ weight loss and healthy living.  And, we all love rice chips, not in this box, but you'd never believe how expensive rice chips are.  Crazy.  

Anyhow, all in all we enjoyed trying new things in this box of surprises.  Can't wait to see what next month brings.

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