Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What we CRAVE

Time for another CRAVEBOX again.  It's a subscription box.  Currently, the only one we do.  This one was a teen theme.  You could order as many as you want but since I did not know what was in them, I only ordered one. 

What is w/ Blogger reorganizing the pics today?!  This is Irina w/ some Pantene Mousse.  Used it today and she loves it.

Gum in our house, truly, any house w/ previous orphanage kids, LOVE gum.  A coupon for free gum is  a hit.  Notice the gum already ripped into??

A blue box full of goodies for the teens.

This happens to be Irina's favorite razor.  This is all she gets.  Box also had lip gloss in it from Mary Kay, Vitamin E oil and gum.  Kids enjoyed it and it was stuff we would have bought anyway except for the vitamin E oil.  Though, I've always wanted to try it.  Can't wait for our February box.  Secretly, we're all hoping for chocolate for Valentines Day. 

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