Friday, January 4, 2013

What we CRAVE or....not

Well, this is the first time that I've received a CRAVEBOX that I wasn't all that impressed w/ the contents.  This was a dog lovers CRAVEBOX.  It's a subscription box and comes once a box.  Awhile back I tried a few out.  This is the one we all agreed to keep. 

Not sure why these went out of sequence but oh well.  This was the inside.

Alyona  bringing in the blue box we've all come to know and love.

Alaska took one sniff and walked away.  Literally.

Okay, this is what was in it.  All natural True Chews the dogs LOVED and we will definitely get them again if they aren't terribly expensive.  It has a calming color which we'll use for Alaska yet I think is bogus.  LOL.  A book and spot cleaner.  And the all natural 'wholesome' dog food in the middle box there.

Honest to goodness, it looks and most definitely smells like vomit.  Isn't this horrible?!  Wonder how the dogs would like it.

Alaska was not too keened on trying this slop of dog food.  Don't blame her.

She finally did eat some but it was obvious she did not like it. Digby wouldn't even go near it.  Really, he didn't.  He knew better.  LOL.  So, that is a no go on the natural dog food. We'll stick with Pedigree thank you very much.  The true chews though we must find out how much they are.  The dogs went crazy for those things.  Calming color we're going to give a shot.

Not a bad box just not one we found as useful as previous boxes.  But, out of all of them thus far, that has been the only one like that.  

Burgers on the grill tonight w/ veggies in a cream sauce.  Yum.  House guest still here and will be throughout Wednesday.  Bojan has a friend visiting now as well.  Bojan and Warren's birthdays are tomorrow.  Time is just flying.  Well, they can't stay young forever.  More in a bit. 

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  1. Wow. That dog food looks pretty bad. Green? Yikes!