Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Visit to Nana & Papa's!!!

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with Nana Pat and Papa.  It's Warren's parents.  They live in NC as well. 

Okay, what do you see wrong with this picture?  No, it's not the Halloween sticker still on his implants.  It's the glass and crystal everywhere.  It's beautiful but scares teh heck out of me every time we go.  Why?  they can never resist its beauty.

Alyona, growing up way too fast.  Can you believe she's 13yo?!  She wore black feather earrings of Yana's.  Some have thought she dyed her hair.  No, just earrings w/ the hair.

Every time we go, there is never ever a shortage of food or desserts.  Kids eye those first of course.  

Some of the kids hanging out enjoying a meal together.  Actually, all a little miffed b/c I told them they had to eat something first before they ate desserts.

Alyona and Logan admiring Nana's art.  She is an artist and VERY talented.  I know I've showed her work before.  She also teaches are kids when they come to visit.

Nosy Nik.  Snooping for his Name on the presents.  He was teaching Summer how to do it as well.  Hey determination will pay off some day, right?

Reni enjoying a snack before opening gifts.   I'll finish part 2 up tomorrow.  Really do need to hit the hay.  Been a long day and lots to do.  Nothing more than usual though.  Ready for the weekend.  We're definitely going to make the movies...finally.  Tried 3X already.  I'm thinking it will be on dvd before we actually get to see it.  Hope your New Year is filled with joy and peace.  Ours is going to be filled with big changes I have a feeling.  Not sure what, just know changes are coming. 

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