Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things are happening so fast

Things are truly at warp speed lately as we try to get back into the swing of things with school.  Been crazy.  We also have a house guest for a few days or however long.  A tragedy struck their family and the child is staying with us for a bit.  I don't want to go into a lot but just know we really care about the family and are praying for them during such a difficult time. 

I have tons to catch up on.  I even have a comment that I haven't posted yet.  Don't worry, I will as I intend to defend what was said.  I know I've been very open lately about our previous Russian adoptions.  That was b/c of all the media attention lately out there.  Wanted folks to know that these kids DO GREAT once home.  But again, more on that in the next few days. 

Warren and I went grocery shopping tonight.  Think BJ's is cheaper than Sam's.  For most things anyways.  Went to Hallmark.  75% off if you're wondering folks.  While there, ended up talking to a lady.  HOnestly, just casual conversation and I was asking her what it was like to have kids out of the house & married, in college, etc.  Just pleasant conversation really.  She said she really wanted to give me a gift.  I refused but she insisted.  She said she felt blessed today.  I was just taken back.  It was a gift card to Hallmark.  Thank you Maria!  Made my day and honestly, it was just fun talking to her and what it was like having kids out of the house.  You know, the next stage of our lives eventually.  Just had to share that moment. 

More going on around here for sure.  I will most definitely be calling Shriners tomorrow.  Was hoping for today but we really got into our studies.   Hey, they're paying attention, you go with it.  Leave you with a picture of some playing with a race track.  I think this and Monopoly seem to be the biggest hits.  Next post is our trip to the Grandparents (Warren's parents).  Much more to come.  For now, focusing on a few things around here.  You know  you can never totally catch up on blog posts, right?


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