Saturday, January 5, 2013

The New Year

We did not do anything.  Seriously, we didn't do anything.  We never do on New Years.  We all stay up and watch a movie.  That's about as fancy as it gets here.  We did go over what all we did this year though.

We started a jar this past year.  $6 at Walmart.  When we go somewhere, we get a little reminder souvenir.  Like a postcard or something.  We have a mini cannon in there to remind us of Fort Macon.  our camping wristband to remind us of the year we really started to rv and camp.  Soccer ball to remind us of soccer season.  You get the picture.  Then, make a list at the end of the year of all the places you went or the things you did.  What you enjoyed the most.  We plan on doing this from here on out.  Kind of disappointed we didn't do it sooner.  I know it's not fancy but we think it's cool.  

Anyhow, went over the jar and what all we did this year.  Then, discussed resolutions a bit.  Mine will be the lose weight and get healthy.  I will report on here every Friday like I used to.  When I did that, I felt I had some sort of accountability.  When I stopped, so did the losing weight.  Holiday goodies did not help me any.  So, it is back to a routine and regime.  I truly feel ready to go at it.  For the past 2 weeks, I've been doing light weight lifting and stretching every morning and night.  I know that is hardly anything but it was the fact I started and am still sticking to it.  I will be adding yoga this week 4X a week.  The cardio will come the following week.  I know I could start of w/ cardio.  However, this gives me a sense of accomplishment, albeit small.  I am more apt to stick to the big cardio workouts IF I can get the stretching, weight lifting and yoga into habit and consistent.  So far, 2 of those for 2 weeks have been.  I'm adding yoga this coming week.  If I stick to that for two weeks, I'll be on my way to cardio 3X a week.  That's when the pounds will come off.  For now, I want to build up my endurance so I won't quit later.  I hope that made sense.  The kids broke my bike I had since college awhile back.  Got many years out of that.  I used to absolutely love, love, love biking.  I'd bike to and from work.  Put many, many miles on that bike.  Thinking of borrowing the girls' bike here and there.  Our neighborhood has awesome hills and makes for an awesome workout.  Once, Warren and I biked the MS 150 to Atlantic Beach.  Though, I didn't quite make it all the way.  Way overheated.  It was one of the scorcher days we did this.  Heat wave.  Anyhow, I'd love to do something of that nature again.  I'm ready to do something.  Need my life back in order.  Yes, I can keep up w/ the kids but I am tired of being that fat mom to 10 kids.  I want to be that mom that runs 5K's or bikes to the store.  That mom that can beat her kids in a race.  LOL.  That mom who looks young enough to be one of her kids!  I want to go to the Bulgarian Reunion this summer and none of you recognize me other than the kids w/ me.  :)  Yes, I want to be that mom.  Just had my yearly check up and blood work is fine though need to work on cholesterol. Frankly, I think they tell everyone that.  Mammogram was great and cardiology was great last year(don't have to go for 2 years!  They follow me b/c of family history).  But I want to WOW them at this year's cardiology appointment in the summer.  Can you imagine if I go back there and have dropped 50 lbs.?!  The cardiologist himself did that a few years ago. 

Also, I have a friend who has lost 36 lbs. already!  She wants to lose some more and do it together.  I do think the two of us could conquer it and having someone to rely on would help.  Keeping things in perspective.  Time will tell.  So, flabulous to fabulous Fridays will re-enter this blog.  Hope you don't mind.  Feel free to hound me if I've had an awful week.  I don't want to hear it will be better next time.  I'm one who needs the discipline to do this.  My goal is to drop 50 lbs. all together.  I know once I get my first ten down, the rest will follow suit.  The first ones for me are always the hardest.  So, this is my year to shine and accomplish things I have not.  I'm ready. 

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