Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Day Before

Today we got up and cleaned up.  Mopped floors and all.  Started prepping for the trip and then time to go to football practice w/ the boys.  First day.  Got settled in and they went to their teams.  Alex and Logan are in the same group and Nik in another.

Logan and Nik during a snack break.  Only decent shot...they're still.

Logan waiting for a pass.

Alex just finished tossing the ball.  During his first practice today he made 2 touchdowns he told me.  He was so excited.

They had a great time and practice and we really enjoyed meeting some nice folks.  Was such a pleasant day out and pleasant time.  Was nice talking to the pastor of this church as well.  

After practice, we went home real quick to check on things.  See, we received a text from home saying the microwave blew up.  Went home and sure enough, it's toast.  No microwave any more.  Bummed.  However, a neighbor & friend of ours offered us her old one for awhile and we are going to get that one when we get back.  Grateful we have a temporary replacement.  Does come in handy.  And no, not sure what happened to it.  We have had it for years though so we definitely got our money's worth.  After that, we took Summer w/ us and went to drop off stuff at the Goodwill.  Summer and I got to run in and give it one last look for boots for Logan and Alex.  None.  They'll be fine but I was hoping I could score some boots for them.  

We then went to Lowes to get a part for the rv pipes so they don't freeze.  It's going to be 5 degrees at night!  Yikes!  Off to Lowes Foods then for some shopping.  I can not tell you enough how handy a grocery store gift card comes in when going on a trip.  Thank you Heather, Joe and Emma!  Yana is thrilled she gets her s'mores this trip.  LOL.  Picked up our last needed items and headed home to cook dinner and all the other stuff for the trip as well.  Made the kids pack.  Yes, I'm mean that way.

Went to check ALL their bags.  And before any of you say let them do it on their own, umm no.  Did that last time.  Did not check all the bags and our oldest son leaves his bathing suit!  Umm, we were going to a water park folks.  A water park.  And yes, this go around gloves and all that were indeed forgotten.  Now, it's not under the bus yet and in experiences past, they'll take stuff in and out of the bags after I've checked it.  It's enough to drive you insane but Warren has only said he hates trips once this go around.  LOL.  

Starting to get the clutter going in order to organize for the trip.  Wished we would have gone to the bread outlet but no chance.  This is a closer view w/ the insulating pipes.  Yes, Max is supposed to get those together.  

Living room during packing.  Never a pretty sight.

Does your kitchen look like this before a trip??  Trying to warm the tent up in the dining room.  That blue moving tarp is perfect for going over the tent since it will be 5 degrees!  Yikes!  By the river.  Though, if not crowded we will ask for another site not by the river as it would be that much colder.   We'll see.  And no, we're not heartless.  They do have a heater for the tent as well.  And lots and lots of blankets and sleeping bags.

Some bags and boots.  During small trips like this, we all pack w/ our little bags or back packs.  Big trips, we each have a large duffel assigned to us.  The Eddie Bauer outlet is the BEST for duffel bags!  And they last for years on end.  We have an outlet here and get them when we can catch them on sale.  Big duffles for $11 is not bad.  Warren and I still have our duffel bags from Eddie Bauer from when we got married.  But this trip is small so little bags.  Great b/c I didn't even have to tell them.  They have all gotten used to the travel and routine of what to expect and what we expect of them.  It's nice.  

Warren got a part at Lowes for Nik.  Max made a tornado for him.  He was in Heaven.  

My son and his natural disasters.  Loved the tornado. So did everyone else too!

And this is what he wanted to take on the trip with him.  Oy!  While they were doing this when supposed to be packing, Max was doing this:

This is Max's design for the Bulgarian Reunion t-shirt.   However, I forgot to tell him to make it in black and white.  So, he's going to be made at me but needs to redo it.  Honestly though, it doesn't take him long to do his art stuff.  He wanted to incorporate some things we've told him or the kids have told him about Bulgaria.  The soccer, yes/no head nod, shopska salad, etc. 

Yana has been working on her Bulgarian Reunion t-shirt design as well.  Hers will be ready after the trip.

This is Reni's design for the Bulgarian Reunion t-shirt.  I haven't submitted any yet.  Dummy me forgot to read them the rules.  They're supposed to be in black and white.  Hey, gives them something to do  redo on the trip.  Also, they were supposed to write a phrase on it and they forgot.  We'll get there.  And hopefully before the deadline.   Can't wait to show you all of them the kids have done.  I thought it was cool that they wanted to participate. 

Signing off now.  We'll be off line the time we're gone.  Like to disconnect from technology and really enjoy my time w/ everyone.  Enjoy your week everyone and be back on here on Tuesday some time.  Can't wait to share pics of our trip and hopefully some great memories. 


  1. They may actually rent snow clothing (coats/boots/gloves) at the snow tubing place. The ones in Colorado used to anyway, in case your stuff gets too wet or gets torn in all the fun. Have you thought about copying the kids drawings on your printer and just use the black and white setting? Hope you have a great time!

  2. Have a fabulous holiday! Sounds like fun!
    Hope you manage to get a site away from the river,But sounds like they'll be snug!

    What kind of heater do you use? Been a while since I've camped in the winter and I know lots of people avoid gas is of the carbon monoxide thing! I'm keen to get a heater so interested in your thoughts. I'm guessing that if you have an RV that you get to link it up to that power supply?

    Have a fabulous time!

  3. You can also try just to make a black and white copy and see how that looks instead of redoing.