Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow Tubing Trip-- ready to go!

Wow, am I behind on posts and many other things around here.  Hey, life sometimes happens around here and you just go with the flow.  Our social worker was here for a PPR visit.  Believe it or not, she still comes here to Chaos Manor despite the craziness at times.  Can't believe after this we only have one more report to go.  That's insane!  Time just flies by once you adopt and they're home.  Since I can't freeze time, it must go on.  So, back to the trip.

Honest to goodness, I thought I'd have a panic attack driving this rv up that mountain.  Wow!  All I can say is Warren is an awesome driver.  That and I made Max ride up front on the way down the mountain.  Once parked, kids got suited up for the snow.  

Nik taking a juice break before we left.

A view of some of the mountains  that we saw.  Gorgeous w/ some snow on it.

Okay, the rest of the pics I took w/ the waterproof el' cheapo camera for obvious reasons.  And, now ,the pics are out of order again.  Oh well.  Once there, took kids down the easy ones first.  Nik was not happy w/ me.  Remember, he's our daredevil and wanted to go on the big one that goes fast.

Warren getting his boots on.  Been years since he wore them and when he tried to lace them up, all the rivets came out!  So, sneakers he was stuck with.

Some of the kids getting ready to go to our first session at Hawksnest.  

Bojan slowed down enough for a quick shot.

Summer, also not thrilled w/ the little hill so we had to go bigger next go around.

Max getting off the "people mover" as we called it.  The conveyor belt that takes you back up the mountain.  Very cool.  But very slow.

Alyona was not happy with the first run and wanted to quit right away.  Also, I did not realize how hard it would be for her as she is so small.  Since her feet can't touch the ground, she's not allowed to ride by herself.  Keep in mind, she's 13yo.  Not something any teen wants to do no matter their developmental state.

Irina was also not having a great time the first few runs.  See, she didn't listen when I said you'll need your gloves, hat, etc.  She said I'll be fine.  Well, she had to stop w/ her hands and go on her stomach since she too was a tad short to stop w/ her legs.  Made for cold hands for sure.   3 of them were sitting out waiting for the session to be over.  

Reni not so thrilled w/ the first snow tubing session.  She did perk up for the second session though.  Next up, lunch break!  We went to a 10am session of snow tubing first.  More to come on lunch in the rv and a wind that wouldn't quit.  Need to go make dinner first.  Easy tonight.  Soup in a can.  Hey, some nights you just need simplicity.  This is one of those nights.  More posts later this evening. 

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