Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Tubing Trip-- lunch break

After our first session at 10 was over, it was time to break for lunch.  I had intended to go back down the mountain but after the trip up the mountain, rv was going to stay put and we'd just eat in there.  That's the great thing about taking it all with you. 

We had a 4 hour break between sessions!  Tons of time for lunch and just relaxing.  Most the kids ended up playing Uno.  

Alyona thought it was cool to sit up front.  

Yana was a bit wiped out from the first session I do believe.  Rest, kept playing Uno though Logan would get mad.  Remember, severely color blind.  Not the best game to play.  But, he got out voted.  We do have other games but this is their favorite.

Summer decided she wanted to play w/ her Innotab during the break.  Thanks again Dee.  Awesome gift and perfect for her.

Nik and Summer content on the bed hanging out waiting for time to pass.

Please mom, let us go back on the slopes!  It's almost 4 o'clock.  Summer had to borrow her brother's hat b/c they left hers in the tent at the campground.

First picture.  Can they all even look at the camera?  Umm, no.  Alex is looking down at the ground.

Yes, now we'reall looking in the right direction but Summer's hands are in her face.  Let's try again.

Can we all smile, not quite.  Maybe another take.

All right, it is what it is.  Too cold, too sunny, too tired.  Hey, I gave it a good shot I thought.

And I pretty much gave up on take five. 

Lots going on this week behind the scenes here at the house.  Tomorrow is homeschool academy and need to prep for that one.  Making a volcano.  Should be interesting.  Right now, need to study speech with Summer and Nik.  After that, phonics with Nik, check the other kids' work and onto making dinner.  Need to fill out Bojan's paper work for Shriner's.  Need to fill out that killer eval for Nik as well.  Sorting out Irina's diploma requirements.  Just a lot to do this week as well as make some pretty hefty decisions in our lives.  Blog has taken a temporary backseat this week.  Hence, why I'm so slow at uploading pics and updating things.  Public schoolers also started a new semester and need to iron out details for them.  Like Bojan can't take gym.  Sorting out what activities all kids are participating in this semester.  Track, band, football, dance, soccer, etc.  Busy times.  I'll get there for sure.  Just need about a week to get on track.  So, wanted you to know why I've been rather slack lately.  More to come but that's a tad of what's going on. 

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