Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Tubing Trip-- Getting settled in

Well, after Alyona just stepped in a huge bucket of flour and Yana just broke part of the vacuum, it's time to do a blog post to forget all that normal stuff.  So, I'll take a bit of time to chat about our trip.

Birthday bash bus ready to roll!  

Summer and Reni getting settled for our trip.

Ahh, first signs of getting closer to the mountains....ice.

Max helping Warren get the rv in and situated.  

Nik, making ice balls.  By the garbage no less!  

A little river ran right behind our rv.  Cold.

Summer, just watching.  Not causing trouble....yet.  You just wait to hear what this child did!  

Bojan and Max working hard to get the tent up before dark.  I was SO mad at the campground.  Worst campground...EVER!!!!  Kid you not.  do NOT go.  Okay, might as well tell all now while I'm thinking about it.  I called and specifically asked is there enough room on the site for rv AND tent.  I was reassured yes.  I ask this everywhere as we are an exception to the rule and I'm well aware of that.  They said plenty of room.  Umm, no, there wasn't.  We pulled hte rv all the way up to make room for the tent behind it.  On the gravel.  Next, we arrived & no one to check us in at all.  Our info posted on a board out front.  Check in is after 2pm and I assumed they wouldn't be gone by 4pm.  Geez.   Next, the flith in the bathrooms.  They advertise deluxe bath houses.  Ha!  2 stalls each and the dirtiest ever.  Kids decided after the first shower, NO more showers there.  Toenail clippings, clumps of hair in the drain, one stall not working, hot/cold water reversed w/ NO signage, etc.  I could go on but truly, it would gross you out.  Anyone asked, it was Grandfather Resort.  Wanted you all to know.  We'll stick w/ KOA and Jellystone campgrounds thank you very much.  No one was impressed.  

After setting up in the cold, nice hot chili and some water was the way to go.  Afterwards, our birthday cake for us all.  

Then we all settled in and watched a movie.  RV was the movie.  Perfect.  Not sure where everyone went in this picture.  LOL.  

Was a decent first night and everyone was excited to go snow tubing the next day.  Tent was very toasty.  Have a nice electric heater for them and worked out perfect.  Much more to come of course. 

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