Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Tubing Trip-- Decision to make

Just wrote a post and it accidentally got deleted.  Love it.  Here goes again.  Since there is an ice storm out, may actually get the chance to work on quite a few posts this evening.  This is the last of the snow tubing posts.  We were heading down the mountain.  In an rv.  Dangerous winds.  On a road that trucks are not allowed on.  I was terrified coming up and made Max sit in the front going back down.  Could not handle it. 

When we got back to camp, it was bitter cold.  And I mean bitter cold.  Found out later wind chill was -8 below.  The tent would not stay secure.  Had metal stakes and all that.  The wind was so bad, it was rocking the rv.  Decision was made to go home that evening.  Feed everyone and leave. 

While I cooked spaghetti for dinner, Summer got her carseat ready.

Irina trying to get the seatbelts out.  Trying to get everything ready to go.

Waiting to go.  Ironically, ready to go and NO KEYS!  Max had lost the keys.  We found them eventually.  

These two did not want to go home.  Can you tell?

Two ten year olds not sure about having to go home early.  

Honestly, it was for the best safety wise.  -8 was just too cold.  Plus, no way to fit them all in the rv to sleep.  No tent.  Cold was an understatement.  Shoot, they were shutting down the resort!  That should tell you something right there.  We made it home safe and sound well after midnight.  BTW, they have all voted we go to the beach or somewhere like that next year for the birthday bash.  We're thinking Knoebels in PA. 

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