Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Tubing Trip-- 2nd session

After a l-o-n-g break, we were able to head back for the 2nd session.  Noticeable change in weather.  As in drastic change in weather.  More on that in a minute.

Alyona did not want to go out a second time.  With wind conditions so bad, she could not even stand on the conveyor that brought you back up.  I was trying to hold onto Summer and the tube that was blowing all over.  The man in front of me fell off.  Yes, it was that crazy outside weather wise.  Even staff kept commenting they'd never seen anything like it.

Yana coming in to warm up.  None of them made it down a whole lot of runs.  We were there right when the session started.  Lines were long.  Then, after ONE run, everyone and I mean everyone would come in.  Most would get something to eat. 

Warren explaining to Nik we had to go home.  Even the staff at Hawksnest said they were shutting down the next 3 days due to dangerous conditions.  We couldn't agree more.  Just so bitter cold and winds so bad, we never got to go down but once or twice on the second session.  Max couldn't even talk when he got inside.  Mouths were freezing.  My hands were so numb, it took about half an hour once inside to feel them again.  They hurt.  Everyone hurt.  It was crazy and many other people were talking about it all as well.  

Logan warming up inside our group room and Max coming back in.

The decision had been made.

 Having to leave Hawksnest early.  As you can see by the sheer # of people, we were not the only ones. 

Reni and Yana trying to warm up.  We couldn't wait to get back and make hot cocoa.  

Heading back to the rv.  You can't tell by the picture just how windy it was.  Wind was whipping so badly, it stirred up the gravel on the ground and threw it at our faces.  Horrible feeling being hit by gravel.  In addition, the wind picked Alyona up off the ground!  Sure did.  Warren grabbed her down.  That's how strong it was.  We were very nervous to make it home.  More on what happened once back at the campground. 

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  1. I love the picture of Alyona's happy little face when it pops up first on the page. I just can't help but smile. She's adorable. :)