Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sidewalk surfing, snowflakes & sunglasses

I'd say I'd catch up this weekend on things but let's get real, that's not going to happen.  tomorrow we have homeschool academy.  Currently, I have two girls doing punishment chores downstairs, a broken pair of Logan's glasses and 2 boys fighting over a comforter.  Did I mention we have a linen closet FULL of blankets and comforters?  But these two want the same one of course.  Been one of those nights.  I think they're finally settling down which is great.  Since I need to workout, this will be a short post more or less. 

For homeschool I had them make winter wonderland pictures just for fun.  On the right hand side top to bottom, it is Reni, Alex and Logan(poor color blind kiddo.  Tried to tell him it's blue but he'll have none of it).  Left side is Alyona, Nik and Summer.  I thought they were all pretty dog gone cute. 

Logan showing off one of the snow flakes he cut.  Reni was carefully working on hers.  We did a few of them.  They were harder than they looked.

Some of our snowflakes hanging up.  

Nik having a not so great idea.  And no the child isn't wearing shoes.  I make him put them on when he goes outside and he takes them off when he starts playing.  Why?!  I have heard from the deaf/blind folks that came to visit our house about him years ago tell me it's normal as they are seeking sensory input since not getting it as much from two of their senses.  Okay, but how does he not freeze??  All that perma frost from when he was younger I guess.  For those that don't know, Murmansk is located above the Arctic Circle.  It's on perma frost.  Thank goodness NC dirt isn't all that cold.  LOL.

We have 3 skateboards and this is what he chose to ride down on.

Summer was mad that a pair of her sunglasses broke.  Went in my closet to the secret stash.  She was pleased as punch.  Movie star status for Ms. Summer. 

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