Saturday, January 12, 2013


Might as well start off w/ what we're doing today.  Or should say did today.  Nothing special for sure.  Being that the flu is in full swing it seems everywhere, we decided a deep clean was needed here as we have many visitors in and out of here it seems on a daily basis almost.  Can't hurt and it looks better.  And, since it is mid- 70's here, we get the added bonus of being able to open our windows all day long.  Fresh clean air. 

After helping clean up, we really didn't do too much all day.  Warren went to get Nik a new chain for his bike.  He's hard on bikes for sure.  while there, he asked about a fix for Bojan's bike so he might be able to ride one day.  His knee locks up and then he can't ride.  Working on a solution still. 

Brothers goofing off.  Candy canes in their mouth.  Brothers being brothers.

I was even determined to get organized again w/ sending cards out.  I don't think I even sent a single birthday card out last year.  So, starting now.  February's cards are getting signed this weekend.  Now, to just remember to be able to send them out.  LOL. 

Nik painting rocks.  No one else wanted to so I let him paint them all.  Found the kit at 5 below.  Kind of cool.  

Bojan was checking out the suggestions of what to paint.  Definitely not kid art.  LOL.  

Yana and Irina are staying over at friends' houses tonight.  Rest of us are going to eat some taco pie and just relax this evening I think.  After cleaning and organizing all day, none of us feels like doing anything.  Boring Saturday but we do need those as football starts next weekend!  And, we'll be snow tubing next weekend.  In addition, going on a field trip with the kids on Monday.  So yes, staying home is fantastic right now.  Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend as well. 

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