Thursday, January 3, 2013

Russian video

Someone recently posted a before and after as a celebration of children and young adults who were adopted from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Romania.  They are sharing the photos w/ the world so the world will know how much the children are loved here.  I didn't send pics in but plan to send some in for the next video Karen is working on.  She did an awesome job with this one for sure.  Thought you'd all enjoy it.  It' on Youtube.  Here's the link.  Flowers of Life.  I think what more countries need to see and hear are the success stories of all these children adopted.  What happens to them years down the road.  Do they stay connected to their homeland?  I know many cultures are afraid once the kids are adopted they lose those connections.  Not true.  Shoot, we go to the Bulgarian Reunion and plan to continue to do so.  We used to go to the Orenburg Reunion as well.  We connect with other Russian kids in the area as well.  They have cultural events in Raleigh if one wishes to attend.  So, many opportunities and we do make sure our kids know which country they are from, where it's located, etc.  Still stay in touch with some folks from the various countries they were adopted from.  Anyhow, I think this video opens eyes that yes, the kids do thrive once home and yes, they DO have a future here.  Hope you enjoy it. 

More later.  We're having ham for dinner.  Have a house guest through the weekend and possibly some next week.  Homeschool Academy starts tomorrow.  Definitely NOT ready but trying.  Anyone w/ great experiments that don't take long, send them my way.  I'm teaching 3rd to 5th graders on Fridays.  My kids are excited as well to take some new classes and learn a few things.  Bojan has after school band practice tomorrow night.  Other than that, not much happening. 

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