Friday, January 25, 2013

Redneck sleigh ride

Okay, today it is just messy out.  Bad ice storm here in NC.  Got more than predicted.  Those who do not live in this state you must understand, NC is not geared toward winter weather.  Nor, can they predict it it seems.  So, we left homeschool academy classes early today and came home.  Only to find public schoolers were released even earlier than they said they would be.  All of us home, we ate some hot soup for lunch.  Well,let's not get fancy.  They were ramen noodles folks.  The ice was still coming down.  My kids don't care.  Honestly, if it were acid coming down from teh sky, I truly believe they'd find a way to play in it.  They are just outdoor kind of kids.

Reni at least chose a coat that was long and warm. 

Logan.  Not really in a winter coat.  no gloves, hat or scarf. 

Sad when the only one w/ common sense in the house is the dog!  Nice and warm w/ a blanket to boot.

Summer not happy w/ me b/c I yelled at her.  Notice anything folks?  That is not snow btw.  It is ALL ice!  Freezing outside and my daughter is dressed  w/ tights and a dress on.  Hey, she remembered the hat.  I made her get on gloves and a jacket.  I know, I'm a mean one.

 What else do we need to do during an ice storm but take apart a broken microwave.  It blew up the other day.  We have "old timer" now that we borrowed from a neighbor who said no take backs.  It doesn't turn and takes much longer to heat up but works for now and that's what we need till we can buy a new one.  Mean time, Max thought he should take this one on our front porch.  Yes, the redneck look is in here folks. 

Reni and Alyona happy as can be to go on their first redneck sleigh ride of the season!  All they needed was a little bit of ice to get going.  

 Nik, nothing slowing him down.  Not even his ears!  Figured out we think what is going on.  Double ear infection, not the internal device malfunctioning.  We'll take him in the morning to the doc.  Could not get out of the driveway this evening to take him.  No fever, etc.  Just ears hurting.  Was just one at first that's why we were questioning the device.  Believe it or not, glad it's an ear infection and not the other issue.  Giving him motrin to keep swelling down if there is some.  I'm sure they'll give him steroids and antibiotics tomorrow. 

Alex and Nik ready to go down the hill.  They love our yard.

 Summer landed in the leaves poor kid. 

Alex getting ready to come in...or so I thought.  

Ms. Summer going for a ride.  Notice this time, no hat and jacket not buttoned up.  At this point, I give up.  Now, the yard is completely white.  Looks like snow now but is a complete sheet of ice!  Beautiful though.  Irina and Yana are at a friend's house this evening.  Rest of us just hung out here.  Played pool and watched a movie.  Tomorrow is a busy day.  

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  1. You said Summer did something on the snowboard trip.....what was it???? lol