Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick announcements for Bojan

I know, I know tons of posts behind.  It's life.  Just had to share a quick bit.  Bojan tried out and made all county band here!  He made 8th chair out of 15.  Remember, he's only been playing for a year and a half!  Last year, no one was sure he'd even be able to play with the missing finger and shortened digits.  Well, that's nothing folks.  Those thinking of adopting kids w/ limb differences, go for it.  No issues.  Just had to say congrats to Bojan.  We're proud of him for sure.  We find out all the details next week including costs. 

I called Shriners the other day.  We have an appointment now for February 26th at 8am.  We're going to have to stay overnight in Greenville, SC as there is no way to drive in the middle of the night (5 hours from here), have the appointment and drive right back home.  So, we have to stay in a hotel somewhere.  Those that know the area, is there anyway you can recommend something that truly won't break the bank??  We have 3 of us coming so only one room.  Need inexpensive recommendations.  Also, I'd love to hear what to expect w/ this appointment.  They'll have all his old surgical histories already in hand, x-rays, etc.  How many hours does this usually last w/ first appointment?  Asking b/c we have to drive straight home the very next day.  Thanks for any input.

Kind of a Bojan day despite it being my birthday.  LOL.   More to come later. 


  1. Way to go, Bojan. and happy birthday too

  2. First...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Way to go Bojan! That is such an honor and he should be very proud of himself. Congrats!