Friday, January 18, 2013

Prepping C-MOW

For those new, C-MOW is Chaos Manor on Wheels.  Aka.... our rv.  Before any trip, we thoroughly clean it out, wipe everything down, etc.  This trip, since it is a birthday bash, we are even starting to decorate.  Today, we started to get a few things in there ready.

Christmas garland at 75% off makes for very cool party decorations.

Summer feeling all the gel things on the window.  

Hey, we're going snow tubing so we definitely need some snow decorations.

We put these all over the windows, stove front, mirrors, etc.  Nik did this part.

Summer getting ready to sweep.  She's watching Alyona.

We made the bed in the back.  If we decide to keep the bus, we'll most likely add some color to those walls.

Alyona working hard.  What's great is we all do a little something.  I wiped it all down along w/ Irina.  Yana vacuumed.  Alyona swept.  Nik decorated.  Etc.  We all pitched in a bit and no one complains.

Alyona sweeping up the last of it.

Close up of our bed.  My mom gave us the bedding and it fits perfectly in here!  I notice on the pic one of my helpers forgot to tuck a side in.  LOL.  It's nice to travel in a "home" away from home.  You have that less thought of "oh no, what if my kid spills something in the hotel?"  What if my kid breaks something.  Just seems like there's less hypervigilence being able to bring our home w/ us and not worry (to an extent) what happens to it or in it.  Whatever is spilled gets cleaned up.  Stains taken care of at home if necessary.  We do love that about it.  

So, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and green beans for dinner.  Working on a few more posts later.  Getting there.  We're getting ready for our Birthday Bash trip.  Can hardly wait.  1 pair of the 3 pair of boots that I ordered came in.  Hoping tomorrow is the day the rest arrive.  Fingers crossed.  The rv is almost ready to go.  So are we all.  We're cooking up Chili, marinara sauce, muffins, cake, etc. tomorrow to take w/ us Sunday.  Picking out a few good movies to take w/ us.  We're all ready to fly down that mountain for sure.  We'll be taking a blog break while away.  We always do.  But will post Tuesday night pics from the trip.  Really excited.

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  1. I love the decorations! Happy Birthday to all of you! Hope you have such a good time on your trip. Can't wait to see the photos. :)