Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Fashionista

Wow, am I ever behind.  As I've said before, life comes first, blog comes last.  There are quite a few changes going on at Chaos Manor.  For now, a lot will have to be behind the scenes so to speak.  Don't worry, nothing bad whatsoever.  Just some things have a proper time and place to be disclosed.  I'm saying this because as we adjust around here to different happenings, the blog will most likely take a backseat for about a week or two.  When the time is right, more will be said.  I know, I know, I hate it when blog people do that too.  LOL.  Some of it, I will say just so you're not totally in the dark.  Our van is being sold.  On  the hunt for another.  Our house will be put on the market as soon as the van is sold.  Honestly, we only need to deal w/ one sale at a time.  The rv will also be sold most likely.  Want to replace w/ a travel trailer but time will tell.  Also, depends on the next van/bus we get and towing capacity.  This is all a small part of some changes around here.  Again, just changes for the better.  Absolutely nothing bad going on whatsoever.  Want to make that clear so no speculations start happening. 

This was not the original topic but figured I'd say in case I wasn't on here in a few days time.  Today, we had friends stop by and hang out.  Was great.  In the mid-70's today so was perfect for it.  They even brought us lunch!  Our kids always get along which makes things even better.

Fashionista she is not.  Summer loves to ride her bike.

Logan and Nik.  They really are close brothers.  Never would have thought it.  Shoot, Logan in Bulgaria would make fun of everyone w/ any sort of disability.  Now look at his brother a ride.

I think they're both enjoying the ride.

These pics got out of sync again.  Here's Summer and Logan.

My friend Jennifer attempting to put Summer on the bike for a photo op.  Summer was going to have none of it at first b/c she thought her brothers would drop her.  LOL.  

And we present the three stooges.  Well, maybe just camera hogs.  

My little fashionista would make it on the runway, huh?  4th of July t-shirt, tutu and topped off with snow boots.  No, we didn't go anywhere today.  I let my kids dress themselves.  I'm not out to impress anyone.  Though, I must admit before I became a mother, I thought my kids would match, have clean clothes, wear nice things and get botique type clothing.  LOL.  I'm laughing my butt off at that thought now that once was there.  I seriously can tell when I go out if parents dressed the kids.  VERY easy to spot.  Shoot, my kids would go out barefoot to a store if I let them.  

Reni ready to get back on the bike despite her road rash crash yesterday.  A neighbor helped walk her home.  She was with Alex.  I make them ride w/ a buddy.  We see how well that buddy system worked when she came home with the neighbor.  Alex said, well, I had to come tell you.  I said I would have rather you not left her there alone.  It's a matter of learning as we go here.  Reni is perfectly fine.  Just road rash and some torn jeans.  Notice how we're all in shorts and it's the end of January.  Unreal.   No winter.

 Still bike riding.  Max inspecting the rv that he does not want to go.  That decision still has yet to be made and a lot depends on the kind of van/bus we'll be able to purchase. 

No, she's not trying to model here.  Just caught her off guard.  Don't you just love the dirt?  Another long story w/ the yard but not this post.

Nik, loving the camera.  

Hopefully, I'll keep up w/ the blog some more this week.  No promises.  I can just say Chaos Manor is truly hopping and changing right now but it is a very good thing.  Much more to come the next few weeks, I'm sure.  Busy around here but better to be busy than board. 

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