Friday, January 11, 2013

More pics

You know I have a lot of catching up to do.  So, working on it today.  Probably have ten posts done by tonight.  LOL.  Motivated.  It's rainy out, kids had school already and we're all just vegging out.  Most are watching Avengers downstairs.  Nik and Summer are playing w/ a race car track that Max's friend gave them.  Was really sweet of him to do that and they play w/ it all the time.  So, good day for me to catch up on some posts and a few other things around the house.  I've organized the kids homeschool cubbies and am working on organizing the homeschool bookcases (yes, plural) between posts.  You may get bored w/ all these posts today but hey, I'll be caught up for at least a tiny spec of time. 

Alex and Logan stopping to pose for a picture.  Not sure what is w/ Alex's smile.  

Nik turned right when he knew the camera was there.  

Lines aren't in the original picture so not sure why they are on here.  They were playign the Wii and Logan was signing to Nik to push 'C.'  All just relaxing and playing a game.

Bojan hard at work playing trumpet.  He wants to try out for all county band as well.  He is loving band right now.  Think it's awesome.  Think I may have written about this already but it's been a long week.  So, sorry if I did.  LOL.  Time for writing some more posts.  Hope you enjoy hte catch up posts. 

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