Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Miscellaneous Pics

Today is Thursday.  Girls are at their first dance class.  Alyona, Reni and Summer are now taking dance.  Watch out!  LOL.  Boys start football next Saturday.  I know many parents do multiple activities for kids but my kids do best when there are not multiple activities.  We've tried it. Trust me, not good.  Those w/ FASers really do need to keep that in mind.  Find something they like and go w/ it.  Add here and there to try out new things but please don't overload.  Just my two cents as I know others have FASers that read this.  Again, more posts to do.  Did three yesterday and hoping to get 3 in tonight as well.  Thought I'd share a few pictures laying around in the camera.

Bojan, enjoying some icing from the cake we made.

Nik doing handstands.  He is filming himself w/ Summer's Innotab.  They play it back later on.  Crazy stuff!

Just hanging out.  

Reni seeing if there was any other way to salvage it.  They got this for Christmas.  Karioke machine.  Well, it broke.  We could have probably fixed it if it were not for Max "fixing" it first.  Everyone takes things to Max and for the most part, he can fix just about anything around here.  But the harder technical stuff, we'd rather have Warren do.  

Max and Yana just chilling.  A major rarity.  One, it is a teen shot and two, they're next to each other & not in separate rooms.

Alyona showing me the soap she made w/ Irina.  We had a part of a soap making kit someone gave us.  Finally decided to use it.  Smells really good...citrus.

Summer showing me what she's working on.

Logan and Nik working together on one.  I bought these at Walmart at the Christmas clearance section.  Something like .50 or so.  

Bought one for Summer too.  A Mickey Mouse one.  She liked it a lot.

Pretty neat, huh?

quite proud of his superheroes he built.

Not sure what expression this is supposed to be but Logan is hamming it up.  They did have fun building these little things though.  Kind of wish I'd bought more at that price for entertainment.  

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