Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miscellaneou pics

I have beyond a bunch to catch up on on this blog.  Gee, just 2 days away and so much to say.  Can't wait to load the next set of pictures.  For now though, got a few in here and figured I'd just share them. 

This is part of Nik's chocolate Santa he got for Christmas.  (thanks much Vanessa for finding it!)  Nik is NOT keen on sharing his chocolate.  Sometimes I swear I think I carried the child instead of adopted him.  LOL.

Warren came in so happy  he fixed her doll.  Kids were cracking up.  Do you see a problem here?

I begged Nik to share the chocolate.  This is the size piece I got.

Alyona enjoying her gingerbread fail as well.  Look at that icing!

And some days I just let them wear pajamas to school.  Seriously, Reni could live in pj's if you let her.

Warren re-fixing the doll.

Nik doing some copywork while sporting his glasses.

We put our new popcorn popper to great use.  Aunt Lisa and cousin Sarah got it for us for Christmas.  Love it!  And, best part is the kids can NOT burn the popcorn w/ this one.  Max and Bojan prefer burnt popcorn.  The majority of us do not.  We have 50 lbs. of popcorn from Sam's.  Friends come over, popcorn it 

 I know it is blurry but they all just seemed to be having a great time.  Goofing around dancing and such. 

I love how they're working together.  I know it doesn't happen all the time but nice when it does.

He looks so mesmerized.  LOL.  Nik bought this fiber optic light and loves it.

She's not smiling b/c she had to come back out and do a punishment chore.  One day, my kids will go to bed when they're supposed to.  One day. 

More pics and events to share.  But, must go work out a bit.  I am determine to win this challenge.  More on that one too. 

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